Those excellent Arial shots but are they legal?

Those excellent Arial shots but are they legal?


Arial photography certainly has its place in the real estate marketing. An Arial view captures a ‘bird’s eye view’ of a parcel of land and the structure that sits upon it. These days, many vendors have by-passed commercial operators and have turned their hand to some homemade Arial photography on their properties for marketing.

The key thing to remember if you are thinking about using a drone for Arial photography or surveillance is that drones that are more than 2kg must be registered with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Moreover, the operator of the drone needs to have an Operators Certificate before they can start flying the drone in public air-space.

 For our novices out there, if the drone is less than 2kg you are permitted to pilot the drone during the daytime in so long as it remains in your line of sight, is no more than 400 feet from the ground and is more than 30 metres away from the people then you are set to go.

 Central Coast Council does have the power to ban drones in public areas such as beaches or parks.