Office Mascot caught napping on the job

Mascot sleeps while humans work

The latest paparazzi photos hot off the press show the behind the scenes of the official mascot of The Property People (Peninsula). Miss Maggie-May has been caught red handed ‘napping on the job’. This has come as a huge shock to anyone who doesn’t know Maggie-May.

 A spokesperson who wishes to remain anonomous had confirmed that the photo is a true representation of the office mascot and her apparent disregard for the ‘no sleeping at work’ rule.

 The unnamed source had further complained of the four legged furbaby hogging the space surrounding the property officers chair and had stated that snoring was becoming a real issue, especially when staff were on the phone.

 There had been further speculation that shortly after this photo was snapped that a potato chip packet was opened at the other end of the office and that Maggie-May immediately jumped to her feet, tail wagging and went about finding the source of the chips in an attempt to procure one (and by one we mean the lot).

 Maggie-May was approached for comment, but simply replied with ‘woof’ and then she rolled over and went back to sleep.